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Meta Case Files: 7 Alein Autopsy
Oct 28th, 2017 at 1:04am
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10 people were found wandering a highway near Lincoln, Nebraska.  All had silver skin tight translucent plastic like suits on.  None had any recollection of how they got there.  They didn't know each other.

They were brought to a nearby hospital, and the suits couldn't be removed without tearing off flesh.  Also the suits were opaque to X Rays.

The FBI Special Agent Meta Task force was called in.  Agent William Powers and his Metaforce took the case.

They arrived at the hospital and interviewed the patients.  Mindgames used his emotion control to calm everyone down.  He then picked Patrick O'Grady and scanned his mind.   He picked up two different sets of thoughts.  Odd.

Mindgames then attempted a deep mind scan of O'Grady.   This caused some sort of reaction. O'Grady swelled to gigantic proportions and punched Mindgames.   

Jack Freedman and Eliza Sforza also reacted oddly.  Jack began to vibrate at astounding speeds, while Eliza transformed into living diamond.  Eliza's diamond form focused light into some sort of disintegrating energy and burnt off her alien suit.

The rampaging brute of an Irishman attacked Haywire.  Haywire traded blows with him.  Will Powers tried to tase the brute who laughed it off.

Xi Weng, an elderly Chinese woman reacted in an odd way.  She began to move at super speeds and attacked Mindgames,  Will Powers and Haywire.

She moved too fast for the eye to follow.

O'Grady was screaming, "Bring me McCready's machine!"  No one knew what he was talking about.

Sforza's energy burnt through the floor and dropped her into the basement.  Haywire grabbed O'Grady and jumped with him into the roof.

Mindgames' telepathy probes revealed that Haywire also had two distinct thought patterns...

Sforza had trapped XI in some fort of energy cage.   She, however, dropped the cage when she fell into the basement.   Xi then attacked the heroes at super speeds. 

Will Power smashed a bottle of chloroform which put Ralph Mintz,  and Aki Ubutu, two of the other abducted people, to sleep.

O'Grady smashed Haywire hard in his face.   Haywire released a greasy cloud of black smoke which then went into the nose and mouth of O'Grady.

Jack Freedman noticed that Lisa Ortiz, another one of the ten abducted people,  was going into spasms.  He tried to comfort her and Ortiz just disappeared, leaving just her silver suit behind.

This startled Jack, who then phased though the wall into a closet.

While fighting in the hallway,  the tenth person who was abducted, an unnamed tribesman from Borneo, burst into flames and exploded.  He was killed instantly and set the hospital on fire.

Will Powers and Mindgames helped put out the fire while Haywire grabbed O'Grady and jumped up, smashing his way to the roof. 

Coming out of the closet, Jack noticed Marianne Shelby, another abductee cutting the suit, along with her flesh, off her body with a scalpel.  Jack tried to help her, but she hit him, knocking Jack out.

Haywire then through O'Grady down the hole into the basement of the hospital.  Sforza then fired her energy at O'Grady.  O'Grady laughed it off, and destroyed his hand punching the diamond woman.

Haywire then jumped down and kicked O'Grady down.    The enraged Irishman then destroyed his leg and arm hitting Sforza.   Before he bleed out, he told Haywire, " The Six Fingered Hand will see you dead."   Then he released a cloud of black greasy smoke.

The final abductee,  Vicktor Orban transformed into a jet black skinned being with a star pattern in his flesh.  His hair became firey plazma, and his eyes solar discs.  He blasted Mindgames in the chest as Mindgames tried to sedate him.   Mindgames had already successfully sedated Xi.

Will Powers grabbed Orban and teleported to the roof.   Mindgames took off, he was too wounded to continue.  He made his way to the car.

Haywire also made his way to the car.   Haywire then powerblasted  Orban who was fighting Will Powers on the roof.  Mindgames fired his pistol hitting Orban many times.   

Orban went into a fury, grabbed Will Powers, and then flew at the speed of a comet at the car.  The impact and explosion killed Mindgames and drove Haywire mad with grief!

Jack Freedman came flying out of the hospital and blasted Orban with vibrational energy.   Orban flew straight up into the sky faster than anyone could pursue.


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