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Meta Case Files 9: There is a Fungus Among us!
Dec 9th, 2017 at 1:44am
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( The Oni came up with this title, so get off my back!)

Tempest and Sleet Storm were asked to accompany a naval exploration mission.    An island was found in the South Pacific, on that was never known to be here before.  Reports of a moving island haven popping up for the past few years.

Something about this island is making it impossible to map via electronic means.   It seems to be only observable by direct observation, and given the thick fog cover, even that is proving to be a problem.

Tempest was asked to come as his weather controlling powers would prove an asset, and Sleet Storm's ice powers should help him with the island's extreme polar climate.

  Navy divers have confirmed that the island is indeed floating.  And since the coast can not be mapped, its decided that flying  is the safest way to land.    Unfortunally the piolet lost control of the helicopter as it lowered and it crashed.   When each member of the landing party came to, they were lost and alone.  The pea soup fog, and the unique flora that produced a mild hallucinogenic effect, made it impossible to find the other party members.  Sleet Storm wandered alone, hungry and cold for two days.

The fog began to thin.  He could see the stars, and the snow covered landscape gave him no familiar landmarks to help him find his way around. 

The third day without food, he saw some soldiers slowly walking towards him.  He hailed them.   He went to them and was horrified to find that they were in rotten WW2  U men uniforms.   Oh, and they were zombies...

   Sleet storm blasted the Nazi zombies.   Three slipped in the muddy snow, and two grabbed at him.  He froze one solid, and kicked one down a sheet of ice smashing into the three crawling at him.   "Bowling for Nazis" he chuckled to himself.

He backtracked along their footprints to where they came from.  He stopped when he found a rock.  It had a petroglyph carved into the side. I looked like a stick figure of a merman.   

He saw a large mushroom growing on the side of the lichen covered rock.  He tossed an ice ball at it. 

The mushroom popped and Sleet Storm inhaled the spores that enveloped him.   He instantly began to hallucinate.

He found him self in a red hallway.   It extended in both directions as far as he could see.    Every three feet there were light red doors.  He could read, but not understand what was written on each door.

He saw someone peeking through a crack in an open door.  It looked like a tribesman.   He had a painted face and a ring in his nose.  His skin was dark and wrinkled.  The man looked shocked and slammed the door shut.

   Sleet Storm tried to open the door but it wouldn't budge.    Oh, and Sleet Storm was dressed in his ice capades costume, the Sugar Plum Fairy...

Another door opened.  A lean, haggard man in a black suit appeared.   He asked for the release codes.    Sleet Storm didn't know what he was talking about.  The man asked if he was Chess.   Sleet Storm said no.  The mad shrank, and looked said.   "I cant keep this cover for much longer.  They are too demanding.  For God's sake, what are the release codes?"   Sleet Storm said he couldn't help.  The man shut his door.

Sleet Storm turned to see a small ugly humanoid with a large head, and large eyes staring at him.  He pulled a switchblade and slammed his door shut.

Sleet Storm walked the corridor until he woke up, cold, in the snow.

Agent William Powers was informed that Metaforce Members were lost over Island X. He asked to join the recovery team.  Singularity, still feeling the loss of Mindgames demanded to join him.

They flew to San Diego and then took off on a transport.  They landed in Hawaii and then took off to the south pacific.

  They made it to the island on the third day after the helicopter went down.   They took a small boat and headed to the coast.   

They were attacked by some sort of reptilian like insect mollusk with whipping tendrils.   Singularity tore one of its tendrils off and bashed its body in.   William Power drove the boat up the coast, letting it slide on the ice.  They were on the island.

They met up with a base camp.  They compared stories and data.  Unknown flora and fauna covered the island, all biologically impossible, and all deadly.   Everything on this island that moved was hostile.  And everything that didn't move, well that was dangerous too.

The two heroes went off exploring.  Singularity found a small nugget of glowing gold.     They found pylons of snow.  Since it didn't snow, they figured it had to be either Tempest or Sleet Storm.  They followed foot prints.  They came upon the beaten Nazi zombies.

They kept following the trail to the rock with the petroglyph.   Singularity found a glowing gold tiara.  Will Power found a spot of snow that looked like a person was laying down. 

They continued to follow the path.  They found the submarine.   Looking in, they found 8 frozen bodies and a crazed looking Sleet Storm standing staring at a mushroom that seemed to grow from the corpse of one of the crew member's ribcage.   Will thought that some how, Sleet Storm was communicating with the giant fungal column.  Sleet Storm saw two horrid monsters.  The Mushroom God told  him to fight.  He managed to create an ice wall and run deeper into the craft.

Sleet Storm opened up a locked hatch door.  Inside were giant nutcrackers with big pointy teeth.  He screamed and slammed the door.

Singulary screamed "oh YEAH" and smashed thought the wall of ice.

She then bashed the mushroom thing into an explosion of spores.  She was wearing a respirator, so that was a bit of good fortune.

She looked for Sleet Storm, but he was outside with Will Powers.  She wanted to hear Powers dodge when questioned about his teleportation ability.

She heard tapping from behind a hatch.  She went to see if there were any more survivors.  What she saw was a herd of zombie Nazis.  She tossed a grenade in and slammed the door.

She left her bandolier of grenades in the submarine and walked to Will Powers as the craft exploded behind her.

The heat and fire attracted some more creatures.   They defeated them rather easily.   They tended to Sleet Storms exposure and helped him back to base camp.

They found Tempest and they helped round up any missing sailors. 


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Re: Meta Case Files 9: There is a Fungus Among us!
Reply #1 - Feb 7th, 2018 at 2:17pm
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(Note: The character acts like a frat boy / ‘meathead’ here but he really isn't.  When I started writing this, it just seemed funnier that way, so I kept it.  If anything, think of it as residual influence from the events he describes and those he’s around.  Either way you’ll still get the point of this.)

Audio log
Hale Rimes
Codename: Sleet Storm
Rank: Field Operative - ‘trainee’

“Ok, so, it’s been a few days since we left the island.  Man, was it crazy there.  Was on that place for days, no food, only my own ice to make water.  Didn’t trust the snow there, creepy as all crappity smack.  Freaking the whole place was basically a giant mushroom.  Dude, I seriously hate mushrooms now.  When I hit that one and it exploded, yo, I was tripping balls afterwards.  That was one messed up dream.  I mean, come on, I got linked into another plane of thought or something.  Some weird hallway with all those strange people, that’s how messed up I got.  And then all the Nazi zombies.  Seriously, Nazi zombies.  That first fight took a lot out of me but I knocked them over, that was fun.  But then the mushroom Nazi in the sub? It talked to me, I mean IT TALKED TO ME!  Then it made me see shit, like when Agent Powers and Singularity came to find me.  I had no idea it was them.  Like really, I’m still not sure about that, but its gotta be.  That ice wall I put up was pretty nice.  But Sinny just busted threw it like the god damn Kool-Aid Man.  Then I was hauling ass out of there, only to find crappity smacking life size rotting nutcracker soldiers.  Locked that shit back up.  Next thing I know, we’re all outside, I’m finally eating, Agent Powers is calming me down, and Sinny is loading up on explosives and heading to the Nazi sub.  Like, damn girl, you don’t wanna go back in there.  Couple minutes later, she strutting back out then BOOM!  Shit got real!  It was like time slowed down and I could see everything.  The whole thing blows up.  The sub gets ripped apart, debris flying everywhere, half the sky was smoke and fire.  Then there’s Sinny, just walking back like a boss, hair flowing in the wind, skin glowing from the flames.  Not gonna lie, she looked damn hot.  Too bad she’s such a bitch.  Seriously, do you have to have crappity smacking sugar plum fairies on your phone?  But still, yo, hot.  Anyway, then those flying things came out of the ground.  I couldn’t do shit, tapped out.  Agent Powers and Sinny took care of it, so all good.  We made it back to the beach, found Tempest, bunch of sailors and left.  We got on the ship and docs checked me out.  Good thing, some of those mushroom spores wanted to live in my lungs.  crappity smack that noise.  The docs got rid of them, gave me a clean bill of health.  Did I tell you know much I hate mushrooms?  Had a debrief with the higher ups and now we’re heading home.  Only good thing about this is all that time in the cold, I got a little better with my ice powers.  Came up with a few ideas.  Gotta see how to make it work now.  Plus I got to screw with the crew.  The captain called me up, asked me to drop an iceberg ahead of the ship, and bam, ‘Iceberg dead ahead’.  Said it’s to keep his crew in line.  Do or die, and all that.  We survived so no problem.  Should be back in the US in a few weeks.  Some more testing when we get there, then on to the next mission."
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