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Su Ye aka "Chops"
Mar 10th, 2018 at 12:56am
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Identity: Su Ye           Level: 2 (+1/-1)
Side: Pirates                     Sex:  Male
Age:   34                          Training:
Experience: 3875              Occupation: Physician / Pirate
Powers:                             Clearance:

Language: Chinese - Cantonese
Language: English / "Engrish"
Medicine: Eastern
Medicine: Western
Dodge (-2 to be hit)
Knife Proficiency (+2)
Axe Proficiency (+2)
Fireworks (Rockets)


Knife 1d2 (also surgical blade)
Axe - Handaxe / Cleaver (amputation blade)
Medical Kit (limited uses)
Medical Supplies / Tools (bandages, etc)
Asst Medicine / Drugs (narcotics / analgesics)
Asst Herbs (medicinal)
Gunpower (limited supply)

Weight:   140  Basic Hits:  2.8             Humanity: 15:
Strength:  18    Meta:                     Intelligence: 18
Endurance:  14                                Agility: 18
Charisma:  18                                 Will: 16
Hit Mods: (1.6)x(1.4)x(1.3)x(1.9)x(1.3)= 7.2  Hits: 20
Healing: 0.8                                       Power: 84
Inventing: 1.6 (54%)                          Movement: 50
Carrying:  506                                   HTH: 1d8
Damage Mod:  +4                             Accuracy: +5

Det. Hidden:  16                              Det. Danger: 20
Height: 5'10"                                        Wealth: 10

Bodies lay askew as the pirates looted the riverboat.  Most of the remaining men were being collected for ransom or as slaves.  Some of the women were being raped, others carried off for later use.  Everyone else would die.  Thankfully there were no children onboard.  Su Ye was covered in the blood of the elderly man he was trying to save.  He didn’t notice the pirate until he kicked him away.
“Are you a physician? What’s your name?’ the man yelled as he pointed the sword at him.
“Su Ye. Yes, I’m a physician.” He scrambled to get back on his feet.
“Such good fortune!”  The pirate turned and plunged his sword into the head of the man Su Ye was treating.  “Come with me and bring your medicines. Or I will kill you now.”
With no real option, Ye grabbed his bag and that of his now fallen teacher.  Sadden that such a brilliant surgeon has died, his only consolation was that his master’s manuscript was now in his care.  “Where are you taking me?”
“Address me as Chang Ning, your new captain.  We sail to Guangdong to sell my latest treasures, then to my ship in the South Sea.  Only this week I decided to return to the ocean.  I will need a physician to treat my men in the open water and here you are.  The Gods must smile upon me.”  The pirate commander led Ye to his boat, mostly undamaged from the fight.  “You will work for me for 2 years, then you are free to leave.  Or you can join my crew.  Try to leave before and you will be punished.”

“Chops” had spent the last few weeks on the island trading his skills for food and studying the local healing practices. Nothing that he hasn’t already learned.  Time to find another ship and move on.  There’s new cures and treatments to find, herbs and medicines to discover.  He looked around the port until he found a vessel that looked promising.  Actually it seemed better than any other ship he’d seen in a couple of years.  Large, in good condition and looking for a crew.  “Might have surgeon already.  Good, someone to teach.”  His broken English didn’t relay who would be doing the teaching.  Once on deck he was greeted by the usual stares.  Very few people from China, or any part of the Orient, are in this part of the world.  But he found that tattoos were a universal sign of toughness and often favored by pirates.  He wore his sleeves up, showing off the many marks he earned over the years.  He also carried his bag of medical tools and supplies.  Anyone with the right knowledge would recognize the contents.  It adds credibility and deters others from starting a fight.  Nobody wants to anger the guy you might need to save your life.  As he waited to sign the manifest, Chops went over his plan. First, prove to the crew he’s an excellent physician.  Second, gather any medical knowledge and supplies he could.  Third, make friends with the cook, hoping he’s good and can get larger portions.  Then wait for landfall and see if there’s something interesting.  And if there's time, teach the locals how not to kill their wounded by accident.
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Re: Su Ye aka "Chops"
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Love it. Great backstory.

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Re: Su Ye aka "Chops"
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Chop Suey.  Wink

Awesome Stuff!!
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