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Its All Greek To Me
Dec 7th, 2019 at 1:07am
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Singularty was dropped off by a Jump Ship piloted by Collapsar and Mr Gray of the Astro Irregulars just outside of Science City.
She was debriefed by Quentin Mechanics, put into quarantine, and brought up to speed.

Skip Tracer is off doing research into Ley Lines leaving the Metaforce critically underpowered. 

Lillian Harrow, Willow, along with Captain Omega were recruited onto the squad.    

Singularity led the two new comers on a publicity tour that went horribly bad.     Quentin's right hand man, Wesley Smith, sent the trio out of the county to let the bad press die down.

They were given an assignment.  Since QM  CEO  Quentin Dunlop wants meta powers, a task force has been formed to look into the causes of such powers and to seek out places where metahuman activity is at a high point.

A monstrous creature was captured near Delphi, Greece.   Bribes were paid to being the corpse to QM HQ.   After dissection  it was determined that only a power mutation source could create such a beast.

So off they went to Dephi.

They went on a small good will tour that actually went well.   Their local host,  Constantine Adamo showed them around.

After two days, they packed their gear and headed off to a cave that emited foul, volcanic vapors.

The locals tried to dissuade them from entering the cave, but the trio didn't listen.   

When they were inside the cave, a masked man carrying a trident ordered them to leave.  He called himself Cerebus and said his family prevented monsters from leaving the cave, and people from entering said cave. 

Realizing Cerebus was a hero, they heeded him and went back to their cabins.

When they woke up, they saw that Dino, as Constantine called himself, was gone.  He had gone into the cave himself.    QM was paying him 5 million for proof of metanormal activities and he was not giving that up.   

The trio went in search of him.  They found tracks in the cave that proved that he went in, and later on Cerebus went in also.

They were attacked by a hundred eyed guardian creature that proved to be immensely strong, but equally as stupid.

They followed the cave to a great ravine. 

Heat, and vapors rose from the pit. They also found three marks that matched the trident Cerebus carried.  They decided to go down.

Singularity warped gravity and  they floated down. 

The bottom was very hot and the gas was almost overwhelming.  They put on masks and carried on. 

They found a tipped over bronze statue of a bull.  It was hollow.   Willow realized that it was a torture device used for roasting people alive.  It must have been thousands of years old.  The righted it up and took samples of the metal, and the residue inside.   

While doing this they are attacked by what looked like harpies.   

The harpies sprayed feces at them but they avoided the attack.   Singularity fired a conical ray of antigravity and blasted four of the six hell birds.  Captain Omega took out the other two.

They proceeded down the tunnel till they saw a woman holding  spear and a knife.  She was in full banded mail and was praying to Ares.  She had Dino, bloodied, bruised and naked, lying on the hot floor.  She was going to slit his stomach open for an augury when she was interrupted.

The trio readied to attack but Sera, daughter of Ares, was faster.  She flung her dagger at Captain Omega, who's shields deflected the attack.  Willow attacked but Sera deftly avoided her.   Captain Omega hit her will a poweblast but it barely bothered her.

Singularity warped her gravity and launched herself at Sera with sonic speed.    She hit the warrior woman who shrugged off the attack.   Sera asked Singularity a  if she was descended from Antaeus.   When Singularity relied, Sera thrust her spear into her mouth.

While the attack cut Singularity's mouth up, she bit down on the spear head and crushed it.   She then let out a volley of punches landing every blow.  Sera grabbed Singularity's wrist and smashed her into the crust that formed over the lava flow, cracking it open.

Singularity kept her grip on Sera who then slammed her around until Sera was waist deep into magma. 

Captain Omega hit Sera with his numb-chucks. He then offered his hand to Sera, who was burning in the molten rock.  She smacked his hand away,  climbed out, and jumped up and disappeared.

Willow rescued Dino, covered him in Omega's cape, and carried him back.   

They found Cerebus,  badly beaten, climbing the pit up.  He said he was overpowered by Sera.

The team took samples of strange metals, fungus,  harpy shit, and tissues.    Over all,  Quentin Mechanics  judges the mission a success.    Enough raw materials will keep the lab techs busy for months.


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Re: Its All Greek To Me
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That was a fun one. Always love when Sera makes an appearance so long as she doesn’t kill my PC
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