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Doc Raptor!!
Mar 14th, 2020 at 11:59am
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You all remember Doc Raptor don't you? Bird of Prey motif Hero that started in the early 60's? Main enemies back then were Queen Cobra, The Wax Man and Lunatic. I remember he was kind of campy and sort of cheesy back then through the mid-seventies though he did have that cool Hover Car, The Razor. He also had his Lair built on an island mostly made out of rock just outside the city limits in the Bay. The Roost I think it is called.

I remember how things changed in the eighties and nineties. He went all commercialized and everyone had some type of Doc Raptor something. I had the rubber Rapt O' Rang Set and the retractable toy claws. My buddy had PJs' and a Doc Raptor alarm clock. I never knew why all his TV commercials ended with a Lions Roar instead of something like an Eagles Caw but that television marketing for you. Someone told me the majority of the proceeds from the sales went to charity but I have no idea really.

Then at the turn of the millennium things changed again. Doc Raptor went even more high tech and The Razor got an upgrade. There were on line chats about his exploits, a podcast and he even had his own FB page though I really doubt it was  Him who was posting and responding. Probably a hired pro or something. He also got way darker and rougher. I guess that's just what happens as times change

Well now it's 2015 and no one has seen or heard from him in almost five years. I saw a few clips on the news where people tried to break into the Roost but failed miserably. They even tried a special task force from the Military but they couldn't do it either. Seems they either got gassed , zapped, fell in trap doors, netted and all other types of non lethal set backs.

I don't think anyone has tried to get back in for the last year or so. Our Mayor had the area around it kind of closed off but I doubt it would stop anybody from getting to the shore of the island and I really don't know if anyone cares any longer.

Seems like a shame though Doc Raptor was pretty cool.....

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