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Jun 8th, 2022 at 6:55pm
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Identity: Unknown
Side: Evil
Sex: Male
Age: 37
Level: 9
Training: Endurance

1. Physical Mutation: +6 STR, END, AGL.
2. Willpower A: PR=1 per turn, or when used as a defense.
3. Heightened Defense: -4 to be hit while conscious and mobile.
4. Heightened Expertise: +4 w/everything.
5. Training: Accuracy: +2 to hit with firearms
6. Special Requirement: Performance Enhancing Drugs: Must be taken daily, or lose 1 point STR, END, AGL every day until scores reach baseline. (his steroid dosing make him extremely aggressive.


Origin/Background: An African mercenary known for his brutality

Personality/Character Traits: A bully, he's brutal, merciless and enjoys killing.

Combat Tactics/M.O.: Tends to hold his action to allow him to study his opponent, then he tends to go for special attacks that are intended to kill. If possible he'll ambush his target striking from behind, or an an angle that reduces his target's visibility.
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