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Sex and telepathy
Jul 8th, 2022 at 9:30pm
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Mr. Paladin, a high-tech, highly skilled vigilante is contacted by Telesthesia to help her with a case.  Some daring robbers are robbing jewelry stores in broad daylight and making off with tens of thousands of dollars per heist!  They've robbed three stores already and she needed his detective skills to help her predict the next target or at least find clues to their whereabouts.  Mr. Paladin immediately accepted.  Telesthesia operated in Panama City, Florida and it had been a while since he had had a vacation.  Telesthesia was a bright young girl and very sexy (and probably very attractive under that mask) and he always enjoyed working with her.  She was a telepath, but his high-order intelligence protected him from her power.  This annoyed her often, because she could never guess what his plans were and he usually used her as a distraction while he got the job done.  It worked,  though  And her inability to "read" him made him much more mysterious so she couldn't stay mad at him for long.

It turned out to be VERY NEARLY a disaster!  During the heist, Telesthesia was almost gunned down by one of the robbers.  But Mr. Paladin's quick thinking and fast reflexes allowed him to jump in front of her and deflect the shots with his armor.  "I almost peed my uniform!" she gasped after Mr. Paladin dispatched the remaining robber.  Strangely, she was very subdued when the police arrived on the scene and mopped up.  As they left the scene and landed on a handy rooftop that had some recliners (obviously for sunbathers,) they talked for a while and one thing eventually led to another.  This was something that Mr. Paladin had wanted to do for a while.  Confident that he was immune to her power, he slowly leaned into her and they kissed.

The next morning as Mr. Paladin stepped out of the shower, he was surprised to hear a knock at the door of his hotel room.  Suspecting a trap, he readied his weapon and cautiously peered out through the slight gap in the curtain.  A young woman was standing there, obviously unarmed.  Still wary, he opened the door slightly and asked "Yes?" his weapon still ready behind the door.  "Hi, Mr. Paladin.  I'm Telesthesia.  I think we have some things to discuss" she said quietly.
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