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The Return of Captain Empire
Dec 31st, 2022 at 10:21am
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Captain Whar Lok whirled his hammer and flew off.  The Beekeeper said his good byes.

He knew a Moevian Nova Engine was on its way.  Time was of a commodity he had little of.

He recruited  a hero he trusted,  Col. Strong   In his small Moevian saucer they intercepted the Nova Engine.  A mighty battle was fought.

Warlock revealed a dark secret.  The Emperor, the Divine Hermaphrodit itself, was possessed by an alien entity, Brucca of the Raas!

And if this wasn't bad enough,  through the Lexicon Shard, an ancient artifact of a dead race, Brucca himself succumbed to a demon. 

The mightest Empire in the known Universe, had been controlled by an Evil Demon, for ten thousand years!

The trip to Moev was uncomfortable and long.   Whar Lok's saucer was a utilitarian design after all.  The two heroes were intercepted, and fought the Mighty Moevian himself.

The battle was brief, as the heroes surrendered.  The Imperial Guard  was summoned before the Emperor.

The God Emperor of Moev looked old, tired.  It was in pain.   It called for the death of Col Strong the traitor Whar Lock.

Dark Fighter, convinced by Col. Strong's words, produced a Lexicon Shard  and used it to restore Captain Empire!

The Emperor called this blasphemy!  Captain Empire, weak, from his bondage, still called for the Moevians to see the Emperor for what it was, a cruel hoax, an evil trick, and to let the grand hermaphrodite die instead of living this tortured existance.

Dark Fighter spoke words and his lexicon shard expelled the demon.  The spirit of both the Divine Conjoined, and Bruccas, thanked the assembly.  The spirit of the demon cursed and spat as it was banished to nothingness.

Captain Empire collapsed.

The Good Captain was treated and brought to health.

The Three Houses unanimously voted to install Captain Empire as regent.    It was then that the New Emperor, and the Mighty Mars shook hands in peace.

Whar Lok returned Col Strong to Earth.  They departed, once as enemies, today as friends.

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